<h5>ReNew!</h5><strong>Intense!</strong><br><font color=black>Learn more about the 50 minute workout with the Megaformer™</font> <h5>ReNew!</h5><strong>Intense!</strong><br><font color=black>Learn more about the 50 minute workout with the Megaformer™</font> <h5>ReNew!</h5><strong>Intense!</strong><br><font color=black>Learn more about the 50 minute workout with the Megaformer™</font> <h5>ReNew!</h5><strong>Intense!</strong><br><font color=black>Learn more about the 50 minute workout with the Megaformer™</font>

The Workout

The revolutionary Megaformer™ invented by international fitness expert Sebastein Lagree, is designed to strengthen, tighten and tone the entire body. Based on “Pilates Principals” but much more intense and dynamic, this total body work out integrates key elements of resistance and counter-resistance training in a sequence that allows for a period of zero gravity at peak muscle contraction. Slow and controlled movements work each muscle group to a point of failure. The method is profound as it encourages maximum exertion but is low impact making it easy on the joints. This 50 minute full body work out will improve strength, flexibility and jump-start your metabolism. Not only do our clients burn significant calories in class, but this also results in a much stronger post-exercise reaction (also known as post-cardio effect). The sculpting effect and fat burn is evident after just 8 sessions.


“I first visited Sculpted Body Pilates November last year. My exercise options were limited because I was very out of shape and three months post knee replacement. I specifically sought out a Pilates studio at the recommendation of my physical therapist. I have been coming 2-3 times a week for one year now, and feel amazing! Exercise used to feel like a chore, but now it has become something I look forward to and enjoy. In addition to losing 30 lbs and dropping four sizes, I find that I have more energy, better balance, and stronger muscles. For the first time in a decade, I actually feel good in my own skin and it shows.”
Rebecca Laird

Sculpted Body Pilates changed my life.  I am 65 years old and have walked 3 miles a day for years.  I thought I was in decent shape…until I found Kathy Dickson at Sculpted Body.  For over 30 years I suffered from back issues.  I can’t count the number of specialists I’ve seen  or epidural blocks I’ve received to alleviate the pain.  After several months of classes on the Megaformer, I’m so please to say that the back pain that plagued me for much of my adult life has disappeared.  I’ve toned, lost inches, and benefited from the amazing physical side effect.  The classes are extremely tough regardless of your level of physical fitness.  Even my 26 year old daughter loves the workout and finds them super challenging.  Kathy is an outstanding, patient instructor as are all the instructors at the studio.  The community of women who attend the classes are so supportive too.  Sculpted Body has beyond exceeded my expectations and I truly cannot say enough good things about the results I have achieved because of Kathy and all the amazing instructors at Sculpted Body.

I started working out at Sculpted Body Pilates two years ago after having my first child. I am hooked! I am stronger than ever before and have better, more defined abs than before baby! Now I am pregnant again and have continued doing the fantastic workouts through my third trimester. The outstanding instructors will show you how to modify the exercises to meet your needs. The classes are always challenging and never boring. I have tried many different workouts, but nothing compares to Sculpted Body Pilates. You will absolutely love the workouts at Sculpted Body Pilates and you will see changes in your body within weeks and lose inches and become leaner and stronger. You will see muscle definition and won’t believe your core strength.
Anna G

Sculpted Body Pilates is an amazing workout.  The routines can be tough, especially when you first start,  but seeing my body change so quickly was very motivating. I love that the workout engages muscles that aren’t normally used and strengthens every part of the body. I also like that it accommodates people at every level of the exercise spectrum.  The instructors are very helpful and supportive and adapt the exercises for every skill level. If I’m having a rough day, I can take it a little easier but when I want an intense workout they give options to make it even more challenging. The movements also change so rapidly that the workout goes pretty quickly and is never boring.
Susan H